A portrait of me smiling.

Olá, I'm Leo. I design products, solve problems, and tell awkward jokes.

Who am I?

I am a Brazilian product designer, based in the Netherlands. Currently designing awesome digital products at Mobiquity.

My mom My peers say I'm a passionate and empathic designer, captivated by education and accessibility in technology. Buzzwords apart, I self entitle as a “jack of all trades”, so no problem is too big or too broad that I can’t solve.

Btw, as a full-time nerd, I’d love to talk about anything tech and sci-fi related 🤖

What do I know?

I'm most confident with web design, user research, design thinking, interface design, juggling with three balls, prototyping, interaction design, Figma and Adobe XD.

I have good knowledge (and some professional experience) on web accessibiltiy, Arduinos, video editing, knowing how volcanos are formed 🌋, and UX writing.

Knowing how crucial the communication between designers and developers is, I try to keep in touch with the latest coding trends. And currently I’m learning how to write React ⚛ (I mean the JavaScript library, not actually how to write the word "react". I'm sure you got it, just making sure...)️

Also, as a UX Designer, I know pretty much every prototyping tool you throw at me. If you find me a new one, I'll treat you to some coffee. Go ahead, take the challenge 😉️

What have I done?

A thumbnail image for the work I've done.

Here are some things I've done in the past. They aren't listed in any specific order, so feel free to randomly browse through them.

Where can I be reached?

You can usually find me playing games at home or running around The Hague. There are easier (and less tiring) ways to get in touch with me, though: